Why LED facial mask is worth trying for any lady

Why LED facial mask is worth trying for any lady

Although it might seem like our beauty lists just keep expanding and perhaps becoming more eccentric, experts concur that the use of an LED facial mask is an important skincare measure you should attempt to incorporate into your beauty inventory.

And even though we’ve all encountered them showing up in our social media, with editors and celebrities being in the forefront of embracing it, these metaphysical gadgets might sound a bit scary to others. Still skeptical? Beauty Intent is here to guide you through every detail you need to know concerning this fundamental at-home skincare device, including the benefits of an LED face mask to your skin.

Which LED face mask has value for money?

The science backing the use of an LED facial mask is approved; actually, it was the brainchild of NASA who adopted it to fasten the healing of injuries on wounded astronauts in outer space.

In a recent couple of years, a variety of LED skin therapy masks have shown up in the markets for home use- as more sophisticated versions of the gadget are used by skin doctors in clinics to heal several skin illnesses. However, the main question is which is the best-LED light?

Beauty Intent has conducted an all-out investigation and uncovered the best-LED masks for your skin. One such device is the 7 color facial LED light.

This easy treatment face mask bears 7 colors that cure multiple skin diseases. The UV-free non-heat emitting LED masks infiltrate your skin tissues to stimulate collagen, eliminate and consolidate your skin, minimize wrinkles and lines, enhance skin tone, and many others.

Each color in the 4 colors LED light mask is dedicated to a particular task in your skin. The red light enhances collagen production and blood flow. Blue light cools and hardens your skin.  Yellow light diminishes redness and irons out your skin. Purple light intensifies lymph metabolism and relaxes your skin. 

How often should you use an LED light mask?

You shouldn't keep the mask on your face for over 20 minutes any time you use it. The ideal operating period is within 3 to 15 minutes. Almost certainly, you ought to set off with a single 3-minute therapy, 4 times per week at first, except when guided otherwise by your dermatologist. After achieving your desired results, you will most likely intend to plump down the gadget usage to just two times in a week. Since the LED offers a solid and unadulterated result- these treatments will be enough to witness the output.

How should you prepare your skin for the LED light treatment?

If you’re wondering how to kick off your LED light therapy, don’t worry because Beauty Intent is here to get you ready for that skin-rejuvenating experience.

There are various methods to get your skin ready for LED light treatment, but basically, all will offer you a similar outcome.

The chemistry between LED lights and skincare varies from one to another based on the chemical elements and the kind of gadget you're using. Therefore, you should do your due diligence to understand the best methods for spreading your favorite beauty products prior to, or post-light, treatment.

The most beneficial way to get all systems to go before a light facial treatment is to take care of your skin. Ensure you enjoy enough naps, drink a lot of water, consume a healthy diet, and stay away from excess sunlight. Just before using your domestic light treatment device, cleanse your face using a soft cleanser. You can also opt to use the gadget immediately after waking up before spreading any skincare substance to your skin.

A critical point to remember is, when treating your skin with LED light, always keep away from skincare products containing sunscreen. Sunscreen blocks a great deal of light waves and diminishes the effectiveness of your LED light treatment, so it might slow down your therapy process. Check the labels of all your moisturizers and makeup, and when you note the presence of sunscreen, clean your face meticulously before embarking on your therapy journey.

    What are the risks of Using LED masks?

    Generally, there are no major risks associated with using LED masks. However, this rule has reservations. Be certain to follow all the guidelines before using any.

    In rare cases, you may encounter minor side effects. These may include:

    • Tenderness
    • Rashes
    • Inflammation
    • Skin redness

    Conduct your research

    Conduct your due diligence to ascertain that the gadget you select is safe. One of the highly famous LED light masks, manufactured by Neutrogena, was recently recalled, due to the effects, the light from the device was said to have on some individuals with eye challenges or using certain drugs.

    So, it’s important to wear eye protection when using the gadget if you have eye problems.

    Also, if you are under certain medications such as Accutane (isotretinoin), for acne and tropical drugs that cause sensitivity to sunlight, seek your doctor’s advice before using LED face masks.