Why do most celebrities love using LED face masks?

Why do most celebrities love using LED face masks?

From Kourtney Kardashian to Emma Stone to Chrissy Teigen, Hollywood A-listers have taken on the new beauty therapy, the LED face mask. Instagram is awash with this new beauty therapy conducted from home, many times before a big show or public appearance. This has resulted in a mad dash for this therapy, previously only offered at licensed dermatologist centers but now available for home use. For years, celebrities have been known for innovative, even crazy skin routines. No wonder so many people are taking up LED facial mask skin care.

What is a LED face mask?

The LED facial mask is a NASA-incubated technology that works to restore and cleanse your skin. L.E.D. stands for light-emitting-diode and is fully descriptive of how the mask works. The illuminating face mask uses a series of light wavelengths to stimulate skin cells, leading to the resolution of wrinkled skin, the removal of scars and leaving you with healthy, clear, and beautiful skin. Skin lightening can also be achieved using the same mask.

At the 2021 MET gala, Kate Hudson credited her makeup artist, Quinn Murphy, for the glowing facial look due to the use of the LED face mask. Since then, the tabloids and entertainment reporting sites have reported several female celebrities praising the technology, or rather, their skin therapy routines.

While some celebrities have a preferred brand of face mask, others admit to using the skin care therapy as recommended by their beauticians. The United States Food and Drug Authority-approved light therapy is now the new go-to hack before any major event. According to Skin Mantra, an online beauty magazine reporting on celebrities, the LED facial skin therapy lives up to the billing and can get one red-carpet ready in days without leaving one’s home.

Why are celebrities choosing to use LED face masks?

The motivations may be diverse, but they all point to the same desire: to look beautiful. And to look beautiful repeatedly without time-consuming and back breaking health regimes.

This beauty therapy took root during the middle of the pandemic. With beauty houses closed and yet the need to look beautiful still on top of the list of all women and girls, the home-use LED face mask has become a must-have accessory. Celebrities can now conduct their beauty regimen at home while remaining isolated from the rest of the world.

The technology has also received rave reviews from everyone who has used it. This must be the reason why so many more people are opting for it. Victoria Beckham is one of the celebrities that have endorsed the beauty therapy. The fact that everyone who has used it has come out with glowing and clear skin has been testament to its effectiveness.

It is also easy to use. The mask is designed to cover the face with holes for the nose, eyes, and mouth. You know, like a real mask. It comes with a strap which one will use to fasten the unit to the efface and switch on the LED light. And just like that, the beauty therapy has begun. It is recommended that one use it for 10 to 20 minutes a day for a few days a week, and the results are a glowing wonder. One can go about their other duties while giving their skin a treat. No wonder so many celebrities have found the time to take an Instagram picture for their adoring followers.

It has anti-ageing properties. The LED face mask comes with upwards of 100 lights to work on the skin. One of the most sought-after masks is the 4-LED light face mask. Different light colors perform different functions. Deeper red light creates heat, which induces the production of collagen in the skin to remove wrinkles and produce clear skin by prompting cellular repair and circulation. Blue light, on the other hand, is used to treat acne by targeting bacteria that cause it. Smooth red light smoothens inflammation.

Affordability is another benefit. Instead of booking ahead of time to receive beauty therapy at expensive spas, celebrities have now discovered a mask which can provide the same results at a fraction of the cost and in the comfort of their home.

Celebrities, with adoring fans, cannot afford not to look their best. Having acquired the LED facial mask, say from Beauty Intent, they will then wear the mask and switch on the required light colour to achieve the desired skin benefits.

Many of the masks come with wireless charging and a USB charging port, so one can be mobile as they treat their skin.

How do celebrities use the LED face mask?

This LED facial beauty therapy is easy to use. Wash your face with clean water and apply any cleansers, then dry the skin and wear the mask. Switch on the light and wait for 3 to 15 minutes. To achieve perfect results, repeat for three to four days a week.

While it is recommended to use the LED facial mask while lying or seated in one place, newer versions of the mask are holdable and one can use them while attending to simple home chores. Care should be taken not to strain the skin or interrupt the procedure.

Some dermatologists have recommended applying Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid before using the face mask to give one’s skin an extra boost. Other oil-based beauty products should not be used at the same time as the light mask as they block skin pores and reduce the impact of the light.

Who shouldn’t use the LED face mask?

The American Dermatological Authority warns that there are certain people who should not use LED face masks. Those are people with a history of skin cancer and systemic lupus erythematosus. The Authority also encourages those receiving eye retina treatment, as well as those who may be using lithium and antibiotics for medicinal purposes.


From pandemic-induced lockdowns to technological advancements and influencer Instagram posts, it looks like the universe has indeed conspired to bring to light the new beauty skin therapy face mask. It seems like its fame can only grow, just like the celebrities who swear by it.