Why a LED Facial Mask Is Great For Your Skin Care Routine

Why a LED Facial Mask Is Great For Your Skin Care Routine

The skincare routine is advancing daily due to the rampant increase in facial effects like acne, wrinkles, dead skin, and clogging. Of every 10 adolescents, 3 have acne and one among them is very severe. Wrinkles and aging skin is also an issue especially to women in the age brackets 35-50. Taking good care of your skin is more important than knowing how to cover it with makeup. The first impression you make on people is on your face and it should speak before you do.

In search of removal of acne or wrinkles most women end up using creams and medications which sometimes end up doing more damage than it was already. If you are struggling with acne, or wrinkles just know that you are not alone and it can be corrected. So in the quest for clearer, firm, and smooth skin, a LED mask is the way to go.

LED facial masks are devices that are illuminated by light and they don’t use UV rays hence very safe for your eyes and the face. They are suitable for all skin types, painless and relaxing. They also don’t take much of your time as you just have to wear them on your face for like 3 minutes 3-5 times a week.

LED face masks have been there since the 1960s but were used by dermatologists and they were really expensive. For a single skincare day, you could pay from $100 which not so many people could afford. With time they have become more accessible as you can buy one and use it in the comfort of your home. The home masks are less powerful fitted with fewer bulbs hence less energy. For effective and more accurate results use the mask 3-5 times a week for 3 minutes. The mask is durable, natural, and reusable so it is a lifetime investment in clear skin.

4 Colour LED Light

There are 4 different colors of LED face mask and each play a particular role in making your face clearer and smooth.

Blue light therapy

This targets the acne-causing bacteria and reduces how much your oil glands make hence stopping the hair follicles from being clogged reducing the risk of acne. The blue light also tightens the skin making it firmer.

Red light therapy

It increases the blood circulation in the face stimulating fibroblasts which make the skin firmer. The red light also penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates cells that produce collagen. Collagen helps in repairing damaged wound to create firm and smooth skin. If the red light is used consistently it can whiten the skin.

Yellow light therapy

The yellow light therapy exchanges oxygen to the skin which helps in lymphatic drainage, smooth skin, and reduces redness.

Purple light therapy

This is a combination of red and blue light therapy. It helps in skin relaxation and improves lymph metabolism. It can also reduce scarring.

5 LED Light-Therapy Masks For Your Skin Glow

You probably have seen these LED face masks on Instagram by models like Kourtney Kardashian. Over the years they have become more accessible and somehow affordable. You probably want to get one but you ain't sure which is best for your skin.

Beauty Intent Wireless LED Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Mask ($299)

It is wireless and comes fitted with the 4 different color wavelenths, you can choose to change as per your skin needs.

How To Use

It is very easy to use these face masks as they don’t need a lot of instructions.

  • Wash your face and dry with a clean towel
  • Press the power on the controller to turn on lights
  • Select your color choice by pressing the color button
  • Lastly, you can work with your mask on and just simply ;ay down and put your mask on. 

How Often Can You Use The LED Facial Mask

Spending that huge amount of money on a skincare routine you wont be diligent for is a waste of resources. So if you want very clear results, you should use them five times a week for 3-5 minutes each.


The LED light masks don’t contain UV rays so they aren’t harmful to your eyes or the skin. However, if your skin is very sensitive, see a doctor or a dermatologist before use.

In conclusion, an LED face mask is safe when used alone without creams or medications. If you have been using creams, give your face a break before you start using LED masks. The LED facial masks are painless and relaxing. Though expensive, it is worth the investment as it is a lifetime skincare product.